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EPS Historic Sites

The EPS Historic Sites Award commemorates places in Europe important for the development and the history of physics.

Sites that are significant to physics and its history can be considered for the Historic Site distinction from the EPS. Examples of what can be considered are:

Places (laboratories, buildings, institutions, universities, towns, etc.) associated with an event, discovery, research or body of work, by one or more individuals, that made important, contributions to physics.This includes places where instruments and/or apparatus were designed making significant contributions to physics and research.

The EPS will work with the nominators to obtain local authorisations for placing a plaque and in organising the commemorative ceremony.

Nominations are open throughout the year. Submission will be processed by the EPS Historic Sites Selection Committee three times a year.
To make a nomination for an EPS Historic Site, please follow the instructions here.

EPS Historic Sites

Institut für Radiumforschung Wien
Atominstitut TU Wien

Hotel Metropole in Brussels
Heilige-Geestcollege in Leuven

Study of Georgi Nadjakov

Czech Republic
Ernst Mach House Prague

Niels Bohr Institute

Institut Curie
LAL-LURE complex
Refuge des Cosmiques

PTB’s Berlin Institute
Ludwig Maximilian Universität, Munich
Former Institute of Physics, Würzburg
Laboratories of Kirchhoff und Bunsen Heidelberg (German)
Ehemahliges physikalisches Institut der Universität Frankfurt

The Fasor Lutheran Secondary School of Budapest
MTA Atomki
Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest

AdA Storage Ring
Fermi fountain
Hill of Arcetri
Villa Griffone
Mount Vesuvius Observatory
Piersanti Mattarella, Tower of Thought, Erice
Institute of Physics of Archirafi Street

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
Birr Castle

the Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory and the Instituut-Lorentz
Philips Nat Lab

Haldde Observatory


Hoza 69 building
Kleist Palais

Cabinet of Physics of the University of Coimbra

Magurele Physics Campus

JINR in Dubna
Institute of Spectroscopy

Fabra Observatory
The Residencia de Estudiantes, Madrid
Laboratorium Bergara

Island of Hven
Uddmanska house, Kungälv

Les Bastions, Geneva (SPS article and Uni Geneva article)
CERN Synchrocyclotron
Einstein House Bern
IBM Research Rüschlikon
Jungfraujoch Research Station

United Kingdom
Blackett Laboratory
UK National Physical Laboratory
HH Wills Physics Laboratory

United States of America
The Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ

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