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News From Europe
Friday 31 January 2020
Liftoff for Cheops, ESA’s exoplanet mission »
18 December 2019 - ESA’s Cheops mission lifted off on a Soyuz-Fregat launcher from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French...
Tuesday 7 January 2020
REINFORCE - An innovative research EU excellence project »
Bridging the gap between Large Research Infrastructures and Society through Citizen Science REINFORCE ( Research I...
Tuesday 7 January 2020
50 years GSI, five decades cutting-edge research: anniversary of foundation date »
The GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung is celebrating 50 years of existence this year – five decades of researc...
Tuesday 26 November 2019
Gamma-Ray Bursts with record energy »
  Gamma-ray bursts can be triggered by the explosion of a dying, super massive star, collapsing into...
Tuesday 12 November 2019
CERN Council appoints Fabiola Gianotti for second term of office as CERN Director General »
President of the CERN Council, Ursula Bassler and Director-General of CERN, Fabiola Gianotti (image: CERN). Ge...
Thursday 31 October 2019
ESO Telescope Reveals What Could be the Smallest Dwarf Planet Yet in the Solar System »
Astronomers using ESO’s SPHERE instrument at the Very Large Telescope (VLT) have revealed that the asteroid Hygiea could b...
Thursday 17 October 2019
Croatia becomes an Associate Member of CERN »
10 October 2019 - Today, CERN welcomes the Republic of Croatia as an Associate Member State, following receipt of official...
Tuesday 8 October 2019
Cesium vapor aids in the search for dark matter »
JGU-based physicists manage to further narrow down range of the search for dark matter The hunt for dark matter is one...
Monday 2 September 2019
CERN Open Days: come and explore the future »
Geneva, 2 September 2019. On Saturday, 14 and Sunday, 15 September, CERN will open its doors to the public. Taking advanta...
Friday 30 August 2019
Even scientists have gender stereotype which can hamper the career of women researchers »
CNRS - 26 August 2019 - However convinced we may be that science is not just for men, the concept of science remains much...
Monday 26 August 2019
Historical gathering: International meeting of the discoverers of chemical elements »
26.08.2019 | As part of the International Year of the Periodic Table 2019, the Conference on the Chemistry and Physics o...
Tuesday 20 August 2019
800 billion degrees Celsius: Temperatures as they occur in star collisions measured in the laborator »
They are among the hottest moments in cosmic events: the collisions of neutron stars in the universe, in which chemical el...
Tuesday 20 August 2019
Anatomy of a Cosmic Seagull »
ESO’s VST captures a celestial gull in flight Colourful and wispy, this intriguing collection of objects is kno...
Thursday 18 July 2019
LHC experiments present new results on rare Higgs phenomena at 2019 EPS-HEP conference »
Candidates for a Higgs produced with a Z. ATLAS (l): both decay ultimately to leptons, leaving two electrons (green) and f...
Tuesday 7 May 2019
Pinpointing Gaia to Map the Milky Way »
ESO’s VST helps determine the spacecraft’s orbit to enable the most accurate map ever of more than a billion stars...
Thursday 28 March 2019
Serbia joins CERN as its 23rd Member State »
Geneva, 24 March 2019. Today, CERN welcomes Serbia as its 23 rd Member State, following receipt of formal notification fr...
Monday 25 March 2019
LHCb sees a new flavour of matter–antimatter asymmetry »
The LHCb collaboration at CERN has seen, for the first time, the matter–antimatter asymmetry known as CP violation in a pa...
Monday 4 March 2019
Web@30: The 30-year anniversary of an invention that changed the world »
Geneva, 4 March 2019. Thirty years ago, a young computer expert working at CERN combined ideas about accessing information...
Monday 4 March 2019
Croatia to become an Associate Member of CERN »
Zagreb, 28 February 2019. Today, the Director-General of CERN, Fabiola Gianotti, and the Minister of Science and Educatio...
Thursday 31 January 2019   (0 Comments - view/add)
International collaboration publishes concept design for a post-LHC future circular collider at CERN »
Geneva, 15 January 2019. Today, the Future Circular Collider (FCC) collaboration submitted its Conceptual Design Report...
Thursday 20 December 2018
Final Agreements Signed for CTA’s Southern Hemisphere Site in Chile »
Santiago, Chile – On 19 December 2018, the Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory (CTAO) and the European Southern Observa...

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