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Use these links for information and reports on energy issues by the EPS or by national physical or learned societies.

EPS position papers
A list of all EPS position papers (including energy)
EPS - Energy Group meeting Prague 2013
Meeting of the Energy Group in Prague, March 7/8, 2013
EPS - Energy Group meeting Maastricht 2012
Meeting of the Energy Group at the Maastricht Convention Centre in conjunction with the E2C Conference, April 20, 2012
EPS - Energy Group meeting Oslo 2011
Meeting of the Energy Group with a programme including inter alia radioactive waste issues and Norwegian energy aspects. Oslo 6-7 Oct. 2011
EPS - Energy Group meeting Munich, 2010
Meeting of the Energy Group at the Technical University Munich, Sept. 13, 2010. Log in to see more documents.
DPG, 2010 (Germany)
Elektrizität: Schlüssel zu einem nachhaltigen und klimaverträglichen Energiesystem (Study, German Physical Society, Juni 2010) - An English version is under preparation
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 2009
Energy_2050 symposium: programme (2009)
EPS/SFP - Energy: A challenge for 21st century physics, Les Houches, 2008
Les Houches (June 2-6, 2008): questionnaire and answers of participants
EPS/SIF - Varenna, 2008
Summary report of the Varenna meeting (April 7-8, 2008)
Phys. Soc. CR, 2008 (Czech Republic)
Power production and corresponding research in physics in the Czech Republic (Report, Nov. 2008)
SIF, 2008 (Italy)
Energy in Italy: Problems and Perspective (1990 - 2020)
EPS - Cork Meeting, Jan. 2007
Summary report Cork
EPS - 1st Energy Workshop, 2007
Summary of the 1st EPS Energy Workshop, Garching, Nov. 8-9, 2007
DPG, 2005 (Germany)
Climate Protection and Energy Supply (Study, German Physical Society, 2005)
IoP, 2005 (UK)
The Role of Physics in Renewable Energy R&D (Study, Oct. 2005)
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Energy related reports

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