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NPD - 2012 PhD Prize Winners
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Awarded by the EPS Nuclear Physics Division Board, recognizing the excellence of a recent PhD thesis in experimental, theoretical or applied nuclear physics.


   The PhD prize is awarded every third year from 2012 for a PhD thesis in nuclear physics from a country that is a member of the EPS.

Prize winners 2012

The Nuclear Physics Division of the EPS is pleased to announce the first winners of its new award for the best Ph.D. degree in experimental nuclear physics, theoretical nuclear physics or applications of nuclear physics. The first award covered Ph.D.s awarded in 2009, 2010 or 2011 in countries which are member of the EPS.

The standard of entries was extremely high and the award committee commends the winners for having achieved an enormous amount during their Ph.D. work. The joint winners are Dr Jorge Martin Camalich, Dr Thomas Elias Cocolios and Dr Tibor Reiss.

The three winners will be presented with Diplomas on the final day of the 2nd European Nuclear Physics Conference (Bucharest 17th-21st September 2012) where they will give a Plenary invited talk on their work. The winners will also receive €1000 to cover their conference costs through generous sponsorship from CAEN and APC Schneider Electric

The awards committee was impressed by the very high standard of some of the runners up and decided that the theses of Dr Pauline Ascher, Dr Oscar Moreno Diaz, Dr Sebastian George, Dr Haozhoa Liang, Dr Xavier Roca-Maza and Dr Guy Ron were worthy of a "Special Mention". These runners-up have been invited to give a 20 minute talk in one of the conference subject-specific parallel sessions and will be given €350 towards their conference costs.

Further details of the prize are given on a separate prize website.

Dr Jorge Martin Camalich,
Dr Thomas Elias Cocolios and
Dr Tibor Reiss

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