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(Accepted at  2nd November of 2015)



Article 1- SCOPE of the DPL


The DPL is a division of the European Physical Society (EPS) which mission is boosting the influence and role of physics in the study of all kinds of biological problems at any possible level (research, educational, dissemination and policies).


Article 2- GOALS of DPL


The DPL would be engaged in the following not limitative topics:

  • Molecular Biophysics
  • Cell Biophysics
  • Mesoscale Biophysics
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Computational and Biophysics Modeling
  • Theoretical Biophysics

The ultimate goal of DPL would be to create a dynamic community of Physics interested in Life Science cutting-edge challenges through a common space for sharing knowledge and resources. Therefore, activities for


  • Increasing collaborations among DPL members and with other academic fields and industry sectors 
  • Generating opportunities for young researchers
  • Disseminate the knowledge to scientist and to the society for public understanding of the role of Physics in Life Sciences and the relevance of Life Sciences in Physics.


shall be highly encouraged



Article 3- MEMBERSHIP of the DPL


3.1 Members of the Division shall be ordinary members of EPS described in article 3 of the European Physical Society By-Laws revised by Council 4-5 April 2014, observing strict adherence to the obligations and liabilities described there.

3.2 Members are accepted upon personal application through EPS usual registration. Their membership will be publicly listed at the DPL page including their affiliations and contact details. Only the members updated at the DPL site shall be considered official members of the division.

3.3 Non-members of EPS may participate in the scientific activities of the Division, although they shall have neither rights on the DPL management nor decisions on the activities performed.




4.1 The business of DPL is carried out by the BOARD of DPL in accordance with the by –Laws of EPS. The constitution of the Board should reflect all fields of Physics in Life Sciences in a balanced way.

4.2 Decisions of the Board shall be by majority of the half of the Board. In case of equal number of votes, the vote of the Chairperson shall prevail.

4.3 The Division may create sections of specific topics on Physics in the Life Sciences if members are interested. Sections of DPL should be approved by the Council of EPS.




5.1 The Board shall be constituted by 6-12 members of the DPL. The Board may co-opt a few other members from inside or outside the Division.

5.2 Members of the Board must be individual ordinary members of EPS.

5.3 The term for the members of the Board shall be four years. No one shall be entitled to serve the Board more than two successive terms.

5.4 The Board shall be the responsible to elect the Chairman and the Secretary among their members. The election of the Chairman and the Secretary shall be confirmed by the EPS Executive Committee.




6.1 General Assembly shall be held every four years during a conference organized by the Division. The Board will inform to the DPL members about DPL past activities and new initiatives during the meeting.

6.2 Elections to the Board shall be held every four years during the General Assembly. Four months prior to the election, information on the process and call for candidates shall be published in the DPL website. Two months prior to election, final candidates shall be published on the DPL website. Election of the Board would be by most voted candidates order. Electronic mail or fax votes arrived 2 h prior to the election will be included in the count.


Article 7- DPL FUNDS

7.1 Division may generate incomes through its activities. The DPL may, by vote of its members, decide to request from its memberships a contribution to the Division for its work.

7.2 Such income shall remain at the disposal of the Division in an identified account at the EPS. Statement of its accounts will be provided to EPS Executive Committee upon request.



Subject to the approval of the EPS Council, any modification of the current by-Laws should be accepted by a 2/3 majority of the DPL member board, according the definition of article 3, participating in a vote by correspondence or electronic email.


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