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Science and research policy

The European Physical Society [EPS] defends the position that long-term investments in research funding and scientific infrastructure are essential for Europe's economic, social and cultural development.

EPS Advisory Board on Science Policies

The EPS wants to become more efficient in interacting with Brussels and for this purpose has opened an Office in Brussels with a consultant for EU affairs. In addition the EPS Executive Committee has agreed to create an Advisory Board on Science Policies (ABSP) whose members will be consulted to provide scientific advice on specific policy issues. This board will enhance the links between EPS and the EU Commission by building a dialog between the EPS and EU policy makers, and interacting with the members of the High Level Group of scientists of the EC’s Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM).  

The below is the list of confirmed members of the ABSP:

  • Prof. Sydney Gales (Paris, FR)
  • Prof. Muhsin Harakeh (KVI, NL)
  • Prof. Claudine Hermann (Paris, FR)
  • Prof. Sir Peter Knight (London, UK)
  • Prof. Carlo Rizzuto, (Trieste, IT)
  • Prof. Karl Friedrich Ziegahn (KIT Karlsruhe, DE)

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EPS Contribution to EU Science Policy

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European Institutions have a growing impact on science policy and development. Input from the EPS and the physics community helps to shape science policy in Europe.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Towards a Strategic Framework for EU Research PDF (830.11 KB)  more ] Administration 27/06/2012
Areas for the development of ERA PDF (259.93 KB)  more ] Administration 27/06/2012
'Scientific information in the digital age' PDF (84.43 KB)  more ] Administration 27/06/2012
EPS Statement on Horizon 2020 PDF (296.76 KB)  more ] Administration 12/03/2013
EPS short statement on funding basic science PDF (74.17 KB)  more ] Administration 24/04/2015
Terms of reference for the EPS Advisory Board on S PDF (65.4 KB)  more ] Administration 19/12/2016
EPS Contribution to the H2020 Interim Evaluation DOCX (244.34 KB)  more ] Administration 24/04/2017
Future of Scholarly Publishing & Scholarly Pub. PDF (123.69 KB)  more ] Administration 13/12/2019
Plan S: On Open Access PDF (111.74 KB)  more ] Administration 13/12/2019

EPS physics research policy

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The EPS has published a series of position papers giving an expert view on important themes such as the place given to research in European countries.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
The Need for Space Flight Opportunities PDF (51.2 KB)  more ] Administration 26/06/2012
Open Access PDF (198.81 KB)  more ] Administration 26/06/2012
Universities and National Research Institutes PDF (80.66 KB)  more ] Administration 26/06/2012
National Support for Research in Physics PDF (82.75 KB)  more ] Administration 26/06/2012
Brain Drain PDF (77.69 KB)  more ] Administration 26/06/2012
On the use of bibliometric indices during assessm. PDF (87.96 KB)  more ] Administration 09/10/2012
Managing the Transition to Open Access Publication PDF (122.39 KB)  more ] Administration 19/12/2013
Letter JC Juncker 2015 PDF (455.92 KB)  more ] Administration 24/04/2015
European learned societies and Open Science ZIP (10.16 MB)  more ] Administration 18/09/2015
Delcaration at the INARIE workshop PDF (528.31 KB)  more ] Administration 04/12/2015
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