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EPS education projects: Pathway

Pathway is a project funded by the European Commission under FP7-Capacities to promote the effective widespread use of inquiry and problem based science teaching techniques (Inquiry Based Science Education - IBSE) in primary and secondary schools in Europe and beyond.

A consortium of experts in the field of science education research and teachers’ communities, scientists and researchers involved in pioneering scientific research, policy makers and curriculum developers have undertaken to set the pathway toward a standard-based approach to teaching science by inquiry.

The Pathway project aims to:
- support the adoption of inquiry teaching by demonstrating ways to reduce the constraints of IBSE for teachers and school organisations
- demonstrate and disseminate methods and best practice examples of both the effective introduction of IBSE into science classrooms and teacher training programmes
- deliver a set of guidelines for the educational community to further explore and exploit the unique benefits of the proposed approach in science teaching.

The Pathway project will develop communities of practitioners of IBSE that will enable teachers to learn from each other, and encourage the uptake of IBSE through:
- the development a standard-based approach to teaching science by inquiry that outlines instructional models. These models will assist teachers to effectively organise their science instruction
- motivating teachers to adopt inquiry based techniques and activities in their classrooms
- access to a unique collection of open educational resources and teaching practices (linked with the science curricula) that have been reviewed for their ability to effectively promote inquiry based education and exploration beyond the limitations of the classroom.

A standard-based approach to teaching science by inquiry...

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For more information and to participate, visit the Pathway website.

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