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Conference proceedings of E2C 2013 – 3rd European Energy Conference are on line

Posted By Administration, Monday 5 January 2015

The proceedings of the conference E2C 2013 can be read on line at the website of EPJ Web of Conferences:

The complete list of EPS conference proceedings can be found at following url:

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New issue of ALICE Matters

Posted By Administration, Monday 5 January 2015
Updated: Monday 5 January 2015

In this issue of ALICE Matters, you can read following articles:

ALICE opens new nerve centre
ALICE receives first beams
 LS1 report: ALICE ups the ante

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EuCheMS Brussels News Updates December

Posted By Administration, Monday 5 January 2015

EuCheMS Brussels News Updates December 2014provides news on the following topics and more:

  • Invitation by the new EuCheMS President
  • IUPAC 2015 Distinguished Women - Call for Nominations
  • Chemistry for the Future of Europe
  • Employability of Chemists in Europe
  • Call for Experts

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GIREP: Newsletter 2/2014

Posted By Administration, Monday 10 November 2014
The October issue of the GIREP newsletter is out. You can read it here:

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EuCheMS Newsletter: November issue

Posted By Administration, Tuesday 4 November 2014

News about EuCheMS and developments in chemical and molecular sciences in Europe.

November 2014 EuCheMS Newsletter

  • 5th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress (5ECC) in Istanbul
  • Interview with Prof Helena Grennberg, chair of the 5ECC scientific committee
  • EYCN activities in Istanbul

Tags:  EuChems  newsletter 

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EuCheMS Brussels News Updates: the October issue is out

Posted By admin, Tuesday 4 November 2014
EuCheMS Brussels News Updates, October provides news on following topics:
  • Nobel Prize for Chemistry
  • EuCheMS Position on the Quality of Drinking Water in the EU
  • Stairway to Excellence
  • Erasmus+
  • Knowledge Alliances

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The EPWS Newsletter of October 2014 is now available

Posted By Administration, Friday 31 October 2014
You can read it by following this link.

Tags:  EPWS  newsletter 

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EPS DPL - October 2014 newsletter

Posted By Administration, Friday 10 October 2014

This is the October 2014 newsletter that informs about biophysics articles published in European physics and biophysics journals, selected by Marek Cieplak, chairman of the DPL EPS.

List of papers:

- "Translocation of a forced polymer chain through a crowded channel"
  Jiang-Xing Chen, Jin-Xin Zhu, Yu-Qiang Ma, and Jian-Shu Cao
  2014 EPL 106 18003

- "DNA confined in a two-dimensional strip geometry"
  Aiqun Huang, and Aniket Bhattacharya
  2014 EPL 106 18004

- "Wave instability of intercellular Ca2+ oscillations"
  C. B. Tabi, I. Maina, A. Mohamadou, H. P. Ekobena Fouda,
  and T. C. Kofane
  2014 EPL 106 18005

- "Properties of the spindle-to-cusp transition in extensional capsule
  W. R. Dodson III, and P. Dimitrakopoulos
  2014 EPL 106 48003

- "Kinetics of the long ssRNA: Steady state"
  Yevgeni Mamasakhlisov, Shura Hayryan, Vladimir Morozov, and Chin-Kun Hu
  2014 EPL 106 48007

- "Subharmonic oscillations of collective molecular motors"
  D. Oriola, H. Gadha, C. Blanch-Mercader, and J. Casademunt
  2014 EPL 107 18002

- "Mood states modulate complexity in heartbeat dynamics: A multiscale
   entropy analysis"
  G. Valenza, M. Nardelli, G. Bertschy, A. Lanata, and E. P. Scilingo
  2014 EPL 107 18003

- "Environmental control of microtubule-based bidirectional cargo
  Sarah Klein, Cile Appert-Rolland, and Ludger Santen
  2014 EPL 107 18004

- "On the freezing behavior and diffusion of water in proximity
   to single-supported zwitterionic and anionic bilayer lipid membranes"
  A. Miskowiec, Z. N. Buck, M. C. Brown, H. Kaiser, F. Y. Hansen,
  G. M. King, H. Taub, R. Jiji, J. W. Cooley, M. Tyagi, S. O. Diallo,
  E. Mamontov, and K. W. Herwig
  2014 EPL 107 28008

- "First experimental evidence of a giant permanent electric-dipole moment
   in cellulose nanocrystals"
  Bruno Frka-Petesic, Bruno Jean, and Laurent Heux
  2014 EPL 107 28006

- "Emergence and persistence of communities in coevolutionary networks"
  J. C. Gonzez-Avella, M. G. Cosenza, J. L. Herrera, and K. Tucci
  2014 EPL 107 28002

- "Wrinkling instability of vesicles in steady linear flow"
  Michael Levant, David Abreu, Udo Seifert, and Victor Steinberg
  2014 EPL 107 28001

- "A dynamic marker of very short-term heartbeat under pathological states
   via network analysis"
  Feng-Zhen Hou, Jun Wang, Xiao-Chuan Wu, and Fang-Rong Yan
  2014 EPL 107 58001

- "Small-angle scattering as a tool to study the thermal denaturation
   of DNA"
  Kathleen Wood, Robert Knott, Ognyan Tonchev, Dimitar Angelov,
  Nikos Theodorakopoulos, and Michel Peyrard
  2014 EPL 108 18002

Tags:  DPL  newsletter 

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The new issue of the ERC newsletter is published

Posted By Administration, Friday 10 October 2014
  • Click here to read the issue #3 (September 2014).
  • Tags:  ERC  newsletter 

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    New issue of ALICE Matters

    Posted By admin, Thursday 9 October 2014
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