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Dr. Hanieh Fattahi on Minerva Fast Track Programme

Posted By Administration, Friday 3 March 2017

Dr. Hanieh Fattahi, a young physicist at the Laboratory for Attosecond Physics (LAP) at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich and the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, has been chosen for the Max Planck Society’s Minerva Fast Track Programme.

On an annual basis, the programme currently supports two outstanding postdoctoral female scientists from the fields of the CPTS (Chemistry, Physics and Technology) Section to plan their careers in a more targeted way.

As the name of the programme suggests, it aims to pave the way towards establishing an own research group. In the first phase a three years position is funded by the Max Planck Society. This first phase includes a stay at an internationally renowned Research Institute for an extended period. From June 2017 on Hanieh Fattahi will work in the group of Prof. Sunney Xie at Harvard University (Boston, USA) for one year. When she will be back at MPQ, she will be able to set up a group with two PhD Students. Funds for the equipment and personnel resources will be made by the Institute. After this first stage she can apply for a Max Planck Research Group with a funding period of five years.

Hanieh Fattahi studied biophysics at Sharif-University in Teheran (Iran) where she received her Master of Science in Applied Physics in 2007. In her thesis she investigated the effect of laser irradiation on collagen bundles in the skin. Afterwards, she was accepted at the International Max Planck Research School for Advanced Photon Science (IMPRS-APS), joining the Laboratory for Attosecond Physics headed by Professor Krausz. In 2015 she received her doctoral degree with summa cum laude on the topic “Third Generation Femtosecond Technology”. Since then she has been leading a group in laser development with the focus on waveform synthesis and four-dimensional imaging of electronic motion.

Since 2016 she has been Co-coordinator of the IMPRS-APS. In addition, she became Fellow of the Max Planck Center for Extreme and Quantum Photonics in Ottawa (Canada) in 2016.

Within the Minerva programme, Fattahi and her team will develop an innovative micro-spectroscopy tool for lable-free imaging of biological samples. The new tool combines femtosecond stimulated Raman spectroscopy and field-resolved detection in order to achieve a higher sensitivity for distinguishing molecular fingerprint. This novel method keeps promise for in-vivo, early detection of cancerous cells.

Hanieh Fattahi is member of several scientific organizations, such as the Optical Society of America (OSA), the German Physical Society, and Young Professional Member of the OSA. She is also member of the executive committee of the OSA technical group “Short Wavelength Sources and Attosecond/ High Field Physics” and at present president of the “Young Mind Section of Munich” (ALPS) of the European Physical Society (EPS).
Olivia Meyer-Streng

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Open Readings 2017

Posted By Administration, Monday 30 January 2017
Dear Members of EPS YM,

International conference "Open Readings 2017", which takes place in Vilnius, Lithuania on 14-17th of March, strikes again with 4 days of thrilling sessions on extensive range of topics, social events and world-class lectures.

You can be a part of it either by presenting your research or enjoying overwhelming lectures by:

• John Ellis, UK & CERN
• Ben Feringa, Netherlands (*2016 Nobel laureate)
• Philip Russell, Germany
• Xi-Cheng Zhang, USA
• Michael Grätzel, Switzerland
• Naomi Halas, USA
• Robin Lovell-Badge, UK
• Eugenio Coccia, Italy

The deadline for thesis submission - 3rd of February! 
Students can take part in oral and poster sessions, do not hesitate - register now!

Please forward this letter and its attachment to students and encourage them to participate! Participation is free of charge.

Best wishes,
Organizing Committee


Download File (PDF)

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Interview of EPS president Christophe Rossel

Posted By Administration, Thursday 26 November 2015
Read an interview of the EPS president Christophe Rossel in the last newsletter of the ICFO.

He shares his vision for EPS and reflections on opportunities for the EPS Young Minds initiative on outreach and education as well as the role of physics in industry and society.

Download the ICFO newsletter at:

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Photo exhibition at IONS Karlsruhe 2015

Posted By Administration, Thursday 30 April 2015

IONS Karlsruhe 2015 is a 3-day conference targeted at PhD and Master students working in the field of optics and photonics. Participation is free of charge, details can be found on the registration page.

Besides the scientific and social program OSKar arranges a photo exhibition devoted to the International Year of Light 2015.  Hobby photographers and professionals are invited to submit their photographs in order to show the presence of light in all the areas of our life: arts, science and society.

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IYL2015 EPS Young Minds Activity Grants

Posted By Administration, Tuesday 6 January 2015
Dear Members,

Young Minds is providing International Year of Light (IYL) Activity
Grants to support YM Sections in developing local community events and
activities that highlight the critical role that light plays in our
daily lives.
The International Year of Light in 2015 is a unique opportunity to
showcase optics and its impact on our daily lives to world, and students
are encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

EPS Young Minds Sections can apply up to 500€. This grant has to be
considered an Extra Grant with the respect to the 1000€ ordinary YM Grants.
The deadline for the application is January 15th.

To be eligible, each YM Section must be in good standing to apply for grants.
This means that its members are members of EPS or one of its national
societies. Sections need to have an annual election, around September,
to renew their officers.

Funding decisions were made based on the following criteria:
- potential to raise awareness of optics and its impact in daily life
- potential to reach a large audience
- clarity and structure of the project
- clear timeline and budget.

Don't loose this opportunity!

The YM Action Committee

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