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Division of Physics in Life Sciences: February 2015 newsletter

Posted By Administration, Tuesday 24 February 2015
This is the February 2015 newsletter that informs about selectedbiophysics articles published in European physics and biophysics

journals. Please share other relevant information, e.g. about interesting conferences.
Marek Cieplak

List of papers:

- "Protein unfolding and refolding as transitions through virtual states"
   L. L. Bonilla, A. Carpio, and A. Prados
   2014 EPL 108 28002

- "Rapid microbead-based DNA detection using dielectrophoresis
  and impedance measurement"
  Michihiko Nakano, Zhenhao Ding, Hiromichi Kasahara, and Junya Suehiro
  2014 EPL 108 28003

- "Coevolutionary success-driven multigames"
  Attila Szolnoki, and Matja Perc 2014
  EPL 108 28004

- "Micelle fragmentation and wetting in confined flow"
  Mona Habibi, Colin Denniston, and Mikko Karttunen
  2014 EPL 108 28005

- "When susceptible-infectious-susceptible contagion meets time-varying
  networks with identical infectivity"
  Yi-Qing Zhang, and Xiang Li
  2014 EPL 108 28006

- "A statistical analysis of the Y-chromosome"
   N. T. C. M. Souza, D. H. A. L. Anselmo, R. Silva, M. S. Vasconcelos,
   and V. D. Mello 2014
   EPL 108 38004

- "Patterns in biofilms: From contour undulations to fold focussing"
  Martine Ben Amar, and Min Wu
  2014 EPL 108 38003

- "Two- or three-step assembly of banana-shaped proteins coupled
  with shape transformation of lipid membranes
  Hiroshi Noguchi
  2014 EPL 108 48001

- "Adaptation and irreversibility in microevolution"
  Stefano Bo, Andrea Mazzolini, and Antonio Celani
  2014 EPL 108 68002

- "Electrostatic interactions in the presence of surface charge
  regulation: Exact results"
  A. C. Maggs, and R. Podgornik
  2014 EPL 108 68003

- "Dynamics of a suspension of interacting yolk-shell particles"
  L. E. Schez Dz, E. C. Cortes-Morales, X. Li, Wei-Ren Chen,
  and M. Medina-Noyola
  2014 EPL 108 68007

- "Protein-based nanobiosensor for direct detection of hydrogen
  Meisam Omidi, Ghasem Amoabediny, Fatemeh Yazdian,
  and M. Habibi-Rezaei
  2015 EPL 109 18005

- "Scale-free networks as an epiphenomenon of memory"
  F. Caravelli, A. Hamma, and M. Di Ventra
  2015 EPL 109 28006

- "Random walk patterns of a soil bacterium in open and confined
  M. Theves, J. Taktikos, V. Zaburdaev, H. Stark, and C. Beta
  2015 EPL 109 28007

- "Deconvoluting chain heterogeneity from driven translocation
  through a nanopore"
  Ramesh Adhikari, and Aniket Bhattacharya
  2015 EPL 109 38001

- "Anomalous diffusion of DNA on a supported cationic lipid
  Chen-Ming Chang, Yuk-Gyn Lau, Shu-Ching Ou, Tse-Yu Lin,
  and Wen-Tau Juan
  2015 EPL 109 38002

- "Physical properties of polyacrylamide gels probed by AFM
  and rheology"
  Yara Abidine, Valie M. Laurent, Richard Michel, Alain Duperray,
  Liviu Iulian Palade, and Claude Verdier
  2015 EPL 109 38003

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Division of Physics in Life Sciences: March newsletter

Posted By Administration, Tuesday 8 April 2014
This is the March 2014 newsletter that informs about selected biophysics articles published in European physics and biophysics journals, by Marek Cieplak, chairman of the DPL EPS.

List of papers:

*Europhysics Letters*

- "Predicting self-terminating ventricular fibrillations in an isolated

   Duy-Manh Le, Alexey V. Dvornikov, Pik-Yin Lai, and C. K. Chan
   EPL 104, 48002 (2013)

- "Multifractal analysis of dynamic infrared imaging of breast cancer"

   E. Gerasimova, B. Audit, S. G. Roux, A. Khalil, F. Argoul, O. Naimark,
   and A. Arneodo
   EPL 104 68001 (2013)

- "Expansion dynamics of a self-avoiding polymer in a cylindrical pore"

   Youngkyun Jung, Chanil Jeon, Meesoon Ha, and Bae-Yeun Ha
   EPL 104 68003 (2013)

- "Healing of a mechano-responsive material"

   A. Vetter, O. Sander, G. N. Duda, and R. Weinkamer
   EPL 104 68005 (2013)

- "Instabilities and topological defects in active nematics"

   Sumesh P. Thampi, Ramin Golestanian, and Julia M. Yeomans
   EPL 105, 18001 (2014)

- "Exploring cores and skeletons in oscillatory gene regulatory networks
   by a functional weight approach"

   Zhaoyang Zhang, Zhiyuan Li, Gang Hu, and Zhigang Zheng
   EPL 105, 18003 (2014)

- "Evolution and non-equilibrium physics: A study of the Tangled Nature

   Nikolaj Becker, and Paolo Sibani
   EPL 105, 18005 (2014)

- "Distribution of microRNA co-targets exhibit universality across a wide
   class of species"

   Mahashweta Basu, Nitai P. Bhattacharyya, and P. K. Mohanty
   EPL 105, 28007 (2014)

- "Comparing open and closed molecular self-assembly"

   M. Castelnovo, T. Verdier, and L. Foret
   EPL 105, 28006 (2014)

- "Melt of polymer rings: The decorated loop model"

   S. Obukhov, A. Johner, J. Baschnagel, H. Meyer, and J. P. Wittmer
   EPL 105, 48005 (2014)

- "Cooperative motion of active Brownian spheres in three-dimensional
   dense suspensions

   Adam Wysocki, Roland G. Winkler, and Gerhard Gompper
   EPL 105, 48004 (2014)

- "Underwound DNA under tension: L-DNA vs. plectoneme"

   Anmin Son, Ah-Young Kwon, Albert Johner, Seok-Cheol Hong,
   and Nam-Kyung Lee
   EPL 105, 48002 (2014)

- "Binary birth-death dynamics and the expansion of cooperation by means
   of self-organized growth"

   Attila Szolnoki, Alberto Antonioni, Marco Tomassini, and Matja Perc
   EPL 105, 48001 (2014)

- "Resonant optimization in the mechanical unzipping of DNA"

   Ana Elisa Bergues-Pupo, Fernando Falo, and Alessandro Fiasconaro
   EPL 105, 68005 (2014)

- "Shape-dependent bounds on cell growth rates"

   Jonathan Landy
   EPL 105, 68002 (2014)

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EPS Division of Physics in Life Sciences - the July/September 2013 newsletter is out

Posted By Administration, Thursday 24 October 2013

This is the July - September 2013 newsletter that informs about selected biophysics articles published in European physics and biophysics journals. Please share other relevant information, e.g. about interesting conferences.

Marek Cieplak
Chairman of the DPL EPS

EPS DPL logo

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List of papers:

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter

Number 28, 17 July 2013

- "The effect of cross-link distributions in axially-ordered, cross-linked
  C Brad Bennett, James Kruczek, D A Rabson, W Garrett Matthews
  and Sagar A Pandit

- "Molecular dynamics simulations of single-component bottle-brush
   polymers with flexible backbones under poor solvent conditions"
  Nikolaos G Fytas and Panagiotis E Theodorakis

Number 32, 14 August 2013

- "The self-assembly of particles with isotropic interactions"
  K von Konigslow, E D Cardenas-Mendez, R B Thompson and K Rasmussen

- "Soliton driven relaxation dynamics and protein collapse in the villin
  Andrey Krokhotin, Martin Lundgren, Antti J Niemi and Xubiao Peng

Number 37, 18 September 2013

- "Identification of unique interactions between the flexible linker
   and the RecA-like domains of DEAD-box helicase Mss116"
  Yuan Zhang, MirkPalla, Andrew Sun and Jung-Chi Liao

- "The load dependence of the physical properties of a molecular motor"
  Xianchao Meng, Min Yu and Yunxin Zhang

- "Microtubule organization by kinesin motors and microtubule crosslinking
   protein MAP65"
  Joshua Pringle, Amutha Muthukumar, Amanda Tan, Laura Crankshaw,
  Leslie Conway and Jennifer L Ross

- "Backtracking dynamics of RNA polymerase: pausing and error correction"
  Mamata Sahoo and Stefan Klumpp

- "First-passage problems in DNA replication: effects of template tension
   on stepping and exonuclease activities of a DNA polymerase motor"
  Ajeet K Sharma and Debashish Chowdhury

- "Modelling amyloid fibril formation kinetics: mechanisms of nucleation
   and growth"
  J E Gillam and C E MacPhee

- "Mutarotation in biologically important pure L-fucose and its
  P Wlodarczyk, A Cecotka, K Adrjanowicz, K Kaminski and M Paluch

- "On the distribution of DNA translocation times in solid-state
   nanopores: an analysis using Schringer's first-passage-time theory"
  Daniel Y Ling and Xinsheng Sean Ling

- "Evidence of Gumbel distributions of conductance fluctuations in
   bacteriorhodopsin thin films"
  E Alfinito and L Reggiani

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