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Divisions: Condensed Matter Division
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The Condensed Matter Division (CMD) of the European Physical Society, aims to serve its scientific, industrial and educational communities by helping them to obtain the latest information on progress in their specialties and related fields, to gain visibility for their research, to help them interact with their peers and to develop professionally.

The Condensed Matter Division includes several sections focused on specific areas of condensed matter physics:

  • Liquids
  • Low Temperature Physics
  • Magnetism - close collaboration with EMA
  • Semiconductors and Insulators
  • Soft Condensed Matter and Biophysics
  • Structural And Dynamical Properties Of Solids
  • Surfaces And Interfaces

A major activity of CMD and its sections is the organization of quality peer-reviewedconferences and scientific meetings, including the biennial EPS CMD conference, as well as several other major European conferences.

To highlight scientific excellence, CMD also awards the prestigious EPS Europhysics Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Condensed Matter Physics. This prize (formerly the Hewlett Packard and then Agilent Technologies Europhysics Award) has been presented since 1975, and has become one of the most prestigious awards for condensed matter physics in Europe. Many Europhysics Prize winners have subsequently been awarded the Nobel Prize in recognition of their achievements, including in 2007 the Nobel Prize winners both in Physics (Albert Fert and Peter Grünberg) and in Chemistry (Gerhard Ertl).


CMD and the European Magnetism Association join forces


CMD and the European Magnetism Association (EMA) have decided to unite forces as regards structuring and speaking out for the European community of physics activities pertaining to magnetism. While remaining legally separate one from another, it has been agreed that EMA will fulfill the duties of a Magnetism section of CMD:
• EMA delegates a member of its General Council to the board of the Condensed Matter Division
EMA contributes to providing relevant input to CMD, e.g. for organizing the biennial EPS-CMD conference, for prizes or lobbying actions; all CMD events and actions pertaining to magnetism will be organized jointly with EMA;
• the CMD board will be informed of the meetings of the EMA General Council, and be invited to send a delegate, if relevant for the matters discussed;
• EPS - CMD members will benefit from reduced rates for EMA events, such as the European School of Magnetism;
Moreover, you will find links to all EMA / magnetism-related news in the CMD Newsletter.


The 2016 Nobel prize in physics is attributed to the British physicists David Thouless, Duncan Haldane and Michael Kosterlitz


Upcoming Events
School : Introductory Course on Magnetic Random Access Memory (InMRAM 2017)
03 June 2017
Conference / Magnetism: ISMANAM 2017
18 June 2017
Conference / Magnetism : International Conference on magnetism and Spintronics / Sol-SkyMag2017
19 June 2017
School : ESAS 2017 The European School on Superconductivity
25 June 2017
Conference / Magnetism: PHYSICS OF MAGNETISM 2017 (PM'17)
26 June 2017
Workshop "Nanopatterning2017" / Workshop FOR3NANO
26 June 2017
Nanotech France 2017
28 June 2017
COMA-RUGA 2017: International Workshop on Magnetism & Superconductivity at the Nanoscale
02 July 2017
Conference (Structure and Dynamics): 19th International Conference on Radiation Effects in Insulator
02 July 2017
Workshop / Magnetism : Magnetism, Interactions and Complexity: a multifunctional aspects of spin wav
02 July 2017
Conference : Multiscale Phenomena in Molecular Materials
03 July 2017
School : Introductory Course on Magnetic Random Access Memory (InMRAM 2017)
03 July 2017
ELI – France User Workshop
05 July 2017
Second International Workshop Novel Trends in Physics of Ferroics
06 July 2017
School : SAWtrain Summer School: Physics and Applications of GHz Vibrations,
11 July 2017
Frontiers in Quantum Materials and Devices (FQMD)
12 July 2017
Seminar / Magnetism : Gordon Research Seminar on Spin Dynamics in Nanostructures
15 July 2017
Conference / Magnetism : Gordon Conference: Science & Applications of Spin Textures and Spin Current
16 July 2017
Conference: SCES 2017 / International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
17 July 2017
Liquids 2017 : the 2017 EPS CMD Liquids Conference
17 July 2017
School : Exact methods in low dimensional physics
25 July 2017
Conference / Low Temperatures: QTC 2017 - Mesoscopic Transport and Quantum Coherence
05 August 2017
School on Unconventional Superconductivity: Experiment and Theory
07 August 2017
Conference / Low Temperatures : the 28th Conference on Low Temperature Physics LT28
09 August 2017
Conference : Carbonhagen 2017
16 August 2017
Conference: Multicomponent and Strongly Correlated Superconductivity
17 August 2017
Conference / Low Temperatures: Topological matter and flat bands
17 August 2017
Conference / Low Temperatures: International Conference on Ultra Low Temperature Physics
17 August 2017
International Conference on Ultralow Temperature Physics (ULT-2017)
17 August 2017
Conference / Magnetism : International Baltic Conference on Magnetism 2017
20 August 2017
School : Topological Matter School 2017
21 August 2017
School/Structure and Dynamics: International School and Workshop on Electronic Crystals ECRYS 2017
21 August 2017
Conference : ECOSS 33
27 August 2017
33rd European Conference on Surface Science / ECOSS-33
27 August 2017
European School On NanoScience and nanotechnology
28 August 2017
Conference / Magnetism : Non-Volatile Memory Technology Symposium
30 August 2017
Conference: 55th EHPRG Meeting on High Pressure Science and Technology
03 September 2017
ISEM 2017: The 18th International Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics
03 September 2017
School : X-Ray and Neutron Science
03 September 2017
Conference NGSCES 2017: The New Generation in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems,
04 September 2017
Frontiers in Physics and Materials Science
04 September 2017
School : SUCCESS 2017 - School on UV and X-ray Spectroscopies on Correlated Electron Systems
04 September 2017
Conference / Structure and Dynamics : SIMS 21
10 September 2017
Workshop : Nanomaterials, applications and Properties
10 September 2017
Conference / magnetism : 23rd soft magnetic materials conference
10 September 2017
Conference / Magnetism : the 5th Italian Conference on Magnetism
13 September 2017
EUROMAT Symposium D1: “Materials Science with Synchrotron Radiation X-rays
17 September 2017
Conference : EUROMAT 2017
17 September 2017
EUROMAT Symposium D3 : Materials at extreme conditions: static or dynamic compression ...
17 September 2017
Symposium : Spintronics in semiconductors, 2D materials and topological insulators
18 September 2017

Board Member
Jose Maria DE TERESA
Board Member
Christian Enss
Board Member
Manuel Ricardo Ibarra
Board Member
Guenter Reiter
Board Member
Massimo Rontani
Board Member
Petra Rudolf
Board Member
Erich Runge
Cornelis van der Beek

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