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EPS Division of Physics in Life Sciences - the July/September 2013 newsletter is out

Posted By Administration, 24 October 2013

This is the July - September 2013 newsletter that informs about selected biophysics articles published in European physics and biophysics journals. Please share other relevant information, e.g. about interesting conferences.

Marek Cieplak
Chairman of the DPL EPS

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List of papers:

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter

Number 28, 17 July 2013

- "The effect of cross-link distributions in axially-ordered, cross-linked
  C Brad Bennett, James Kruczek, D A Rabson, W Garrett Matthews
  and Sagar A Pandit

- "Molecular dynamics simulations of single-component bottle-brush
   polymers with flexible backbones under poor solvent conditions"
  Nikolaos G Fytas and Panagiotis E Theodorakis

Number 32, 14 August 2013

- "The self-assembly of particles with isotropic interactions"
  K von Konigslow, E D Cardenas-Mendez, R B Thompson and K Rasmussen

- "Soliton driven relaxation dynamics and protein collapse in the villin
  Andrey Krokhotin, Martin Lundgren, Antti J Niemi and Xubiao Peng

Number 37, 18 September 2013

- "Identification of unique interactions between the flexible linker
   and the RecA-like domains of DEAD-box helicase Mss116"
  Yuan Zhang, MirkPalla, Andrew Sun and Jung-Chi Liao

- "The load dependence of the physical properties of a molecular motor"
  Xianchao Meng, Min Yu and Yunxin Zhang

- "Microtubule organization by kinesin motors and microtubule crosslinking
   protein MAP65"
  Joshua Pringle, Amutha Muthukumar, Amanda Tan, Laura Crankshaw,
  Leslie Conway and Jennifer L Ross

- "Backtracking dynamics of RNA polymerase: pausing and error correction"
  Mamata Sahoo and Stefan Klumpp

- "First-passage problems in DNA replication: effects of template tension
   on stepping and exonuclease activities of a DNA polymerase motor"
  Ajeet K Sharma and Debashish Chowdhury

- "Modelling amyloid fibril formation kinetics: mechanisms of nucleation
   and growth"
  J E Gillam and C E MacPhee

- "Mutarotation in biologically important pure L-fucose and its
  P Wlodarczyk, A Cecotka, K Adrjanowicz, K Kaminski and M Paluch

- "On the distribution of DNA translocation times in solid-state
   nanopores: an analysis using Schringer's first-passage-time theory"
  Daniel Y Ling and Xinsheng Sean Ling

- "Evidence of Gumbel distributions of conductance fluctuations in
   bacteriorhodopsin thin films"
  E Alfinito and L Reggiani

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